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Courses in Service Engineering

Integration into the Curriculum of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The course Service Engineering encompasses 4 hours per week during the semester and is aimed at the students of the master programmes Mechanical Engineering, Sales Engineering, and Product Management. The course takes place annually in the summer semester. The exact start of the course Service Engineering can be found in the course catalogue of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Current information about the course Service Engineering as well as additional documents on the lectures and tutorials are provided on the blackboard pages of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Topics and Aims of the Course

Aims: Impartation of current developments, trends, and methodological knowledge in the fields of Product-Service Systems and Service Engineering. 

Competences: Students acquire the skill to abstract complex problems relevant for services with the help of Service Engineering and Product-Service System Engineering, and to solve these problems systematically by using the methods and tools imparted in the lecture.

Topics: Industrial Serviced make companies stand out from competitors on a long-term basis, boost profit margins, and increase customer loyalty. That is why they have become an indispensable competitive advantage for companies in the field of mechanical engineering and construction. However, beyond the recommendation for growth in the form of industrial services, Product-Service Systems (PSS) are the true vision of a research community which has been growing constantly since the 1990s. On the basis of new business models, these innovative service bundles address the sale of utilities, whereby they play less emphasis on mere products and single services.

 Accordingly, in the lecture Service Engineering, the following topics are addressed:

  • Motivation, definitions and trends from the areas of PSS and Service Engineering

  • Development, modelling, and simulation of innovative business models

  • Analysis and definition of necessary skills for the transformation from supplier of technology to supplier of industrial services and PSS

  • Practice of methods and tools from the areas of Service Engineering and PSS Engineering

  • Basics on the topic of Lean Thinking in the context of industrial services and PSS

Cooperation with Industry

In order to increase practical relevance in the course, every semester, contributors from the industry sector give talks on the topic of industrial services and Service Engineering. In this way, students are provided an interesting insight into the industrial practice of development, organisation, and distribution of industrial services.

In this context, industrial services from the perspective of various industrial branches are examined, e.g. from the perspective of vendors of agriculture machine technology (Claas KGaA mbH), machine tools (Trumpf GmbH & Co. KG, DG Mori Seiki AG), drive and control technology (Bosch Rexroth AG), pumps (Wilo SE), service management systems (Innosoft GmbH), and remote services (symmedia GmbH).

Cooperation with National and International Research Facilities

Industrial services and Product-Service Systems are a topic of national and international research. Within the course Service Engineering, national and international contributors from science provide insight in current research findings for students.

Topics include risk management (University of Cranfield), development of Product-Service Systems (Technical University of Denmark, Linköping University, Technical University Berlin), and the modelling of industrial services (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster).